Who Runs this Site?

Who, Me? I’m just an IT consultant in the Washington, DC area.

Why Run this Site?

I’ve been computing for years.  And pretty creatively too, I might add.  In all that time, I’ve discovered a lot of tricks.  I’ve programmed, I’ve scripted, I’ve hacked, and I’ve configured.  And when in doubt I’ve Googled and Binged and Yahoo’d.  And on those occasions when I’ve had to go searching for answers, more often than not my searches turned up postings from folks on the web who had already done the hard work for me.  Highlight/Copy/Paste, and I was done.

Just as I’ve wanted to shake a few of those nameless and faceless folks’ hands over the years, I hope that a few people will drop in on this site and feel the same toward me by the time they leave.

But not everything I post will be technical, so there might even be a few opinions and points of view that’ll just make you think. Or just make you drowsy.

The worldwide web is only as good as its content, and this site is my contribution to that vast content pool.

What can readers expect?

A lot of what I post will tend to be technical, because I like to solve things, and I’m happy to show my answer once I’ve solved a problem.

Occasionally I’ll pontificate or write something business-related or instructional or otherwise non-techy. But I don’t plan to write about anything too divisive.

How often can readers expect updates?

No clue. I’d like to write daily. That’s probably not in the cards though. But check back often, as you might be surprised.